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I fredags hade jag finbesök av en av mina bästa vänner och hennes nyfödda dotter. Jag kan fortfarande inte förstå att denna lilla varelse har kommit ur min vän!? Så sjukt det där med barn tycker jag! Haha. I alla fall var det supermysigt och jag nöjd på en nyttig och ekologisk fika från RAW-sallad. Min specialsmoothie på banan, äpple, spemat, ingefära, hampa, citron och kokosvatten tillsammans med deras goda Raw-food bollar + mörk choklad och chai te. Så mysigt och jag gillar det hr med att anordna fikor hemma 🙂

English: This friday one of my best friends visited me with her new borne daughter. I can’t believe that this cute little girl is my friends child? We had a super cosy time and ate healthy snack from Raw-sallad. Green smoothie with banan, apple, ginger, lemon, hemp , spinach and coconut water with super tasty raw food balls + dark chocolate and chai tea. So cosy!




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Yeah, I would love ot to hear more about your private life, your style and everything :)
Most of all I’m interested in how often do you do sport? Every day or do you have a “free” day? And what are you eating? Only vegetables and fruits or do you sometimes eat bread also? Because sometimes I’m so hungry in the evening that I have to eat some bread or fruits and I know that is not the perfect way…maybe you have a clue for me :)

;ove, melanie

ANSWER: Hi Melanie and thank you for your comment! I sport/work out 4-6 times a week and I always have at least 1 rest day/week usually 2. However I make sure to do something on my rest day like 15-30 min yoga in the morning, walks and daily exercise.

I´m a hungry girl and I love food. I eat 5-6 times/day and try to eat as clean as possible and I don´t eat dairy products and gluten and try to avoid sugar, sweeteners and intermediates as much as I can. In every meal I eat…

Protein like chicken, fish, egg, seafood, rice protein.

Carbs like brown rice, quinoa, root crops, fruits, vegetables, glutens-free oats.

Fats like avocado, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, goat cheese.

I use to think that I eat clean 80% of the time and eat what ever I want to 20%. It gives me a more relaxed realationship to food. Eat clean and exercise regulary and you will get a healthy body. You can find clean and healthy recipes under my header in the category RECIPES and I will post a lot more and translate them into english so keep an eye 🙂

Love, Ida

Chiapudding with berries is a perfect healthy evening snack – Recipe HERE.


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