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I like to do my workout in the morning (even because of my daily-plan), but often I don’t feel “strong” enough to carry it out (and I’m pretty hungry when I wake-up and because of that I don’t have the power for my workout-session ;))…so my question is: What can I eat directly before workout? When I want to lose weight, should I quit a “meal” before workout? Do you have an advice for me, what I can eat and although go to sport (30min later…)?

By the way: What do you say about sport twice a day? Like cardio+workout in the morning (1,5hours) and running+a little bit workout in the evening (1hour)?

At the end I have to say that I’m feeling so much better since I don’t eat dairy products and very, very less (just one day/week) gluten! My stomach feels so smooth and good but I need definitly more recipes ;)

You are a great inspiration and I’m so glad that I found your blog awhile ago!!!!
Love, melanie :)

ANSWER: Hi Melanie and thank you for your comment and nice words 🙂 <3 Here´s answers on your questions…

– I like to eat a protein drink right before workout in the morning and then eat a big breakfast after. If you do not use protein powder you can eat 1 egg or almonds/natural nuts.

– You can absolutely sport twice a day if you rest and eat enough. It´s better to do 2 shorter workouts then 1 long workout. 1,5 hour is a bit long I think. Do 2 sessions a 40-60 min instead and do cardio and strength in one other.

Im so glad to hear that you´re feeling better without gluten and dairy. More recipes coming up soon 🙂

Love, Ida

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